3 thoughts on “Sketchup into Second Life

  1. Mrs Brandt an overachieving middle aged housewife and part time truck driver has worked out a brilliant solution (called sketchlife) to this problem, by creating a set of free tools (ruby scripted plug-in) that you simply load into sketchup, that enables the modeler to create equivalent prims that are then imported into second life…see the video at http://vrshed.com/sketchlife

    Currently you need users need to pay for the service set to L$1 per prim + L$1 per each textured face on each prim inside Second Life.

    The most impressive demonstration of the power of sketchlife is the incredible St. Basil’s Cathedral, originally modeled by Arrigo Silva and featured on Google Earth.

    Teleport: click here (this is a SL-URL).

  2. Man I found this seriously good tool for modeling, (sketchlife) no more snapping in mid air in SL with each created Prim, you’ve got the power tools of sketch-Up…and then when your done texturing, import them straight into Second Life, and wacko…start to walk around your virtual creation…This tool will revolutionize the way models are created inworld I reckon.

    have a look

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