So you’re interested in Alternate Reality Games – some readings

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Things you should read: more ****** = you should really *really* read these

*****Jane McGonigal “This Is Not a Game: Immersive Aesthetics & Collective Play.” Digital Arts & Culture 2003 Conference Proceedings.  May 2003

***** Jane McGonigal “Why I Love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming.” Ecologies of Play. Ed. Katie Salen. Forthcoming, spring 2008.

***** Adam Martin and Tom Chatfield, editors. IGDA Alternate Reality Games – Special Interest Group – Whitepaper 2006 or for continuously updated wiki version of the same,

**** Shannon Drake ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ The Escapist Magazine June 27 2006

**** Nova ‘Chimaera’ Barlow ‘The making of World Without Oil’ The Escapist Magazine September 18 2007

**** “History”

*** Penelope Green “Mystery on Fifth AvenueNew York Times June 12 2008

*** Jane McGonigal”Massively Collaborative Science.” Op-Ed. Seed Magazine. Special Issue: The Universe in 2008. February 2008.

*** Frank Rose “Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games” Wired Magazine

** Shannon Drake ‘Wrapped Inside A Mystery In An Engima: Perplex City Revisited’ The Escapist Magazine February 14 2007

** Russ Pitts “Horror 2.0: Lance Weiler’s Cinema ARG” The Escapist Magazine November 12 2007

** Richard Perrin “Art is Resistance” The Escapist Magazine September 18 2007

** Jane McGonigal “Making Alternate Reality the New Business Reality.” Op-Ed. Harvard Business Review. Special Issue: Top 20 Breakthrough Ideas for 2008. February 2008.

* Edward Castronova “ARGs and Utopian Dreams” Terra Nova November 21 2005

* Cory Ondrekja “Tombstone Hold’em” Terra Nova October 16 2005

* Clive Thompson “Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turn Dieting Into an RPG” Wired Magazine August 11 2008

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