The Sky Remains

On a similar theme to the last post, a game called ‘The Sky Remains’. It uses Mscape technology, which I’ve written about in an archaeological context here.

From ‘The Sky Remains‘:

The Sky Remains is a new type of cross-platform game. Combining interactive narrative, social networking, geocaching, alternate reality gaming and Hewlett Packard’s Mscape technology.

Once you sign up for free to The Sky Remains site you enter the fictional world of The Sky Remains 6th Dimension Detective Agency. You become an Agent of the 6th Dimension and are given your first case. You’ll find all the clues you need in The Sky Remains site but you won’t just be using the internet; you’ll also be taking part in outdoor activities, treasure hunts and geocaching as well as using the latest GPS software. Through The Sky Remains site you’ll be able to share all your findings and activities surrounding the game with all the
other players, using the site’s social networking tools.

The Sky Remains offers official content which allows you to follow an interactive and re-playable narrative both as a single player and as a member of The Sky Remains community. The Sky Remains site is also open to user- generated content, so that once you’ve completed the first story, you can add your own case to the files, using text, video and photographs to weave your own interactive narratives. Once you’ve started playing, the sky’s the limit!