Ancient Civilizations Games- Competition Results from YoYo Games

The theme for Yo You Games’ latest game making competition (using Game Maker 7.0) was ‘Ancient Civ’.  Well, clearly, ‘ancient’  and ‘civ’ were interpreted with some latitude.  It would be interesting to see a game where the game mechanics were dictated by the theme/content/historical trope for once… Some of these just feel like regular games with different graphics. But who am I to grouse? Anyway, here are the winners:

1st Place, [$1,000]:
Ancient Ants Adventure by RedSystem

Ancient Ants Adventure
Another great isometric shooter from RedSystem. You are a race of (Egyptian?) ants, fighting tooth and claw for survival against a compelling range of nasties. We were particularly impressed by the professional finish, the variety in the gameplay, and the necessity to employ tactical foresight to get through the game. Altogether an excellent package combining beautiful graphics, humorous gameplay and that crucial addictive quality: a YoYo Games must play, well deserving of first prize.

2nd Place [$500]:
Caveman Craig by RhysAndrews

Caveman Craig

The finest caveman simulator we have ever played. The game combines beautiful graphics with a surprisingly challenging battle for survival. Life as a caveman is tough, especially when you’ve got to train everyone yourself. The implementation of a quick save feature in this game really made it: you will be ravaged by dinosaurs and being able to reload makes the grizzly experience less painful.

3rd Place, [$250]:
Tut’s Test by KCLC

Tut’s Test

A really well implemented 3D puzzle game with a lot of charm. The premise of the game is an unorthodox job interview for the role of pyramid builder (sought after?), but in fact sees you manipulating blocks across hazardous grids to rescue other blocks. Tut’s Test is truly testing and achieving the perfect score can become something of a compulsion. A really neat package with fiendishly well designed puzzles.

Huge congratulations to the winners and our commiserations to all the runners up, the competition really was fierce. Here’s a list of notable mentions representing the best of the rest, and those who made it so close:

Sixty Five Million and One BC
Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries
Theseus and the Maze
Legends of the Middle Ages
Mubbly Tower
Ancient War
Eternal Trial
Icarus’ Flight
Aztec God
Falling Troy
Crater Impact