Life on Site: PKAP and Podcasts

The PKAP project (Pyla-Koutsopteria) has been making great use of blogs etc to record some of the other aspects of an archaeological excavation, the kind that don’t usually make it into the final monograph but yet have an important bearing on what was found, why it was deemed important, etc, the ‘subjective’ side of archaeology (assuming, for the moment, that it’s possible to differentiate that from a putative ‘objective’ side).

Anyway, check out their assortment of blogs and podcasts from the site- sure beats sitting in a closed office in 30 C heat (40 with the humidex!). From Bill Caraher:

oices of Archaeology Podcasts1. Introduction to PKAP. coming soon
2. The Mundane Matter of Sustenance
3. Excavations on Vigla: Week One podcasticon_thumb1

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