RWU: first in the world!

Robert Welch University got an excellent mention in a recent article in The Classical Journal.

From  Andrew Reinhard, “From Slate to Tablet PC: Using New Technologies to Teach and Learn Latin and Greek”, CJ Forum Online 2008.03.03:

[…snip…!]Robert Welch University is the first school in the world to offer
an on-line major in Classics featuring courses that include regular
journeys into Second Life to an eLearning island called EduNation.
The school has rented space for teaching Latin here, giving students
from around the world a place to play and interact within the
constructs of the language. Other schools such as the University of
Central Missouri have been using Second Life for language
education for over a year, but Robert Welch University is the first to
offer anything Classics-related.[…]

I had thought that maybe we were the first, so it’s nice to have independent verification! Andrew then goes on to survey current trends in Classical teaching online, and comes to the conclusion:

I challenge Classics teachers to find their way to new technology
and play with it. 100% book-learning is dead.

You said it, brother.

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