Skype Can’t Hear Me Anymore

I do some teaching via Skype. I also use it as a replacement for my office phone (take that Telebec!). Recently, whilst in the middle of a conversation, Skype suddenly couldn’t ‘hear’ me anymore. It was as if my microphone was muted. Calls to the ‘test123′ service confirmed that no sound was being recorded. What good is voip if the outgoing voice doesn’t carry?

In frustration, I worked through all of the literature, the faqs, the help files, every-bleedin’-suggestion I could find. My microphone works fine with voice recorder and audacity; it’s only Skype which has gone deaf. Then, for one glorious moment, for no reason I could discern I was able to call – and they could here me! But it only lasted for one call.

Suggestions? I’ve worked through all of the documentation, and I follow directions fairly well, to no avail: so don’t send me back there…


Ah ha!

After deleting & uninstalling all extraneous files and programs, clearing caches, doing a disk clean-up and a defrag, and a run of Registry Mechanic, I had a much cleaner, faster computer (and an extra 4 gb of space), but still no joy on the Skype front.

Then I found a posting that addressed my problem. The solution –

“I have in my “Recording Control” panel an advanced button. look there if you see some other boxes below the “Mic Boost”.

Sometimes i have problems, i don’t know why, but Skype seems to “check” the “Mic2select”; if you have this, just uncheck this option.”

While this didn’t work for the original poster at the forum, it worked for me. Hooray!