Online learning in SL & RWU

Here’s a short video clip I made mostly to figure out how to do it. It shows a one-on-one tutorial going on inside Second Life, at RWU‘s virtual campus. The last section of the film features a field trip to Catal Hoyuk, as reconstructed by the ‘Remixing Catalhoyuk‘ team at Okapi Island. Where else but in Second Life can you begin with a language tutorial, move on to intro to archaeology, and finish up by exploring an ancient settlement, while sitting in your slippers drinking coffee?

2 thoughts on “Online learning in SL & RWU

  1. Well, I got some instructions from here:
    and used Second Life’s own screen-capture feature. I should’ve liked to have only gotten the window, but I couldn’t get rid of the toolbars on the bottom.

    Then I used Windows Movie Maker to make the title, credits, and transitions. The resulting file was enormous. I thought I had to transform it into FLV format (from AVI) before uploading it to youtube, so I spent some useless hours looking for decent converter software (my definition of decent: “free”!). I didn’t want to buy fraps, but apparently its the best screen capture software out there – the demo version didn’t do me any good whatsoever.

    Anyway, turns out you can upload avi to youtube, and they do the conversion. Who knew?!

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