wordpress 2.5 ate my homework

Nothing to do with my official ‘archaeological’ work, but I mention it anyway…

I had a little website set up for the family cidery, using wordpress and the language switcher plugin from poplarware. The cidery is in Quebec, so it needed to be bilingual. When I updated to wordpress 2.5, something went *glitch*, and my formerly bilingual site became ‘Sorry, you are looking for something that is not there’. I couldn’t figure it out. Spent two brutal cross-eyed days in front of the computer trying to work it out. In the end I went, in a sorry parallel to the way Canada works in general, from one bilingual site, to two unilingual sites and a splash page directing ‘English – Francais’. But the splash page was made courtesy of flypaper, and that, at least, went very well (though I grant you, it’s not a very splashy splash page. I just needed something up to direct traffic; Flypaper can do a lot more than this wee example).

Speaking of wordpress 2.5, I can’t seem to find any more the id of my posts or pages. This makes it difficult to do things like filtering pages or getting templates to display differently given different categories.

Ah upgrades…. best not to upgrade anything for a month or two after the upgrade comes out, wait for the bugs to get worked out…

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