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Ah! One of the plugins available for Omeka is a geolocation plugin… excellent. I haven’t made much headway on my exploratory omeka installation, other than getting a wee bit of info into it (tempus fugit and all of that). I was initially perplexed how I was going to get all my old GIS/cultural heritage data point-data into it, but this plugin should make life easier. FYI, other plugins are:

The following plugins may be downloaded separately and installed, following information on the codex.

Bilingual Enabler
Makes several of Omeka’s core metadata fields bilingual.

Adds COinS metadata to item show pages, making them Zotero compatible. Learn more.

Allows collecting items from visitors. Learn more.

Allows Omeka users to ‘batch upload’ a large quantity of files at one time, creating unique items in the archive for each file. Learn more.

Adds location info and maps to Omeka. Learn more.

Administrative users can write notes about the site in an an editable space. Learn more.

When creating new items, the Tag Suggest plugin offers suggestions of tags based upon their frequency in the item textareas. Learn more.

Embed iPaper document viewers into your Omeka item pages. Learn more.

Embed PdfMeNot document viewers into your Omeka item pages. Learn more.

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