Omeka Live… again!

I’ve just successfully installed Omeka on a subdomain of my new site, My intention is to use it to showcase the heritage inventory of the township I live in, Bristol. I carried out the inventory back in 2003, as part of a wider public archaeology programme in conjunction with the local high school. The results have been sitting on my computer ever since, with occasional copies being burned onto cd.

It was without a doubt one of the easiest installations I’ve ever done.

So I’m very excited to see what can be done with Omeka. First impressions: wow. The interface is very sharp. It is reminiscent of WordPress. Using good menus, it’s a cinch to upload materials into an ‘archive’. Then, once they are all documented, you click on the ‘exhibits’ tab to publish it. I don’t know what’s involved with that yet – currently, I’m uploading a recording of one of Bristol’s residents reminiscing about the village back in the 1930s… watch this space.

Well done Omeka team!