Most viewed Electric Archaeology posts

The statistics function of the wordpress interface is quite useful. Here, for curiosity’s sake, are the all-time most viewed posts in this blog, with > 50 views. Clearly, games & simulations attract the most attention. The single most-viewed was my ‘about page’, and ‘publications’ ranked up there too, but I expunged them from this list (for no better reason than I felt they didn’t really belong here). January 08 has been my best month to date, with nearly 2200 distinct views; each month has been better than the previous one.  This heartens my soul and makes me feel like I’m a contributing member to the discipline ;). Thanks!

Civilization IV World Builder Manual &am 298
History Channel – Roman Battle Game 234
Historical GIS and various Google Earth 225
Game Mods 211
Agent Models 151
Omeka: a swahili word meaning ‘to displa 125
Multiverse & Sketchup : Doom of Seco 101
Archaeological Clutter & Dumpster Di 90
Simulations 86
Rubric for assessing historical scenario 76
Planning archaeology in Second Life (2) 67
Learning from Las Vegas – Archaeology in 58
History Channel and Great Battles of Rom 52
Northwest Rebellion – early stages work 52
The Glooper, Agent Based Modeling, and t 50
Civ scenarios for teaching and learning 50
Yahoo Pipes and the Pleiades Project 50