Dryad and Simplifying World Design

Ah Second Life. “Your World. Your Imagination.” You promise so much, but it’s so bloody difficult some times.  From the MIT Technology Review, an article on a promising new piece of software for making it easier to design for 3d Worlds – ‘Dryad‘. Of course, the word ‘dryad’ should be a tip off – right now, it’ll only help you make trees. More is promised down the line though.

“Vladlen Koltun, an assistant professor at Stanford who heads the group, says that he hopes design programs like Dryad will one day make it easy for anyone to create compelling content for virtual worlds, without having to learn a scripting language, or how to use a sophisticated 3-D modeling tool. He particularly hopes to make it easier for academics without computer-science expertise, for whom “content creation is one of the bottlenecks,” to put together virtual worlds for educational or experimental purposes.”

…. amen!