Creating Serious Games

An interesting piece by Mark DeLoura on creating serious games:

“This Tuesday an article I wrote for The Escapist should be published on their website. It is roughly based on the invited speech I delivered at Tokyo Game Show / CoFesta in September. At that event, by coincidence, Robin Hunicke, Raph Koster, and myself wound up giving consecutive presentations that all focused on very similar ideas: how can we make games more accessible to more people, whether they be developers, players, or grandmas (no offense to grandmas)? […]

In the article, I mentioned a few websites and resources for people who want to create and share games. There are certainly many, many more. Kongregate is the most advanced site for sharing games at this point. Unfortunately many of the websites that are available are completely focused on sharing games, and they don’t really help you to create them. Diving into the Flash toolset is not the most intuitive experience, so some help to ease the difficulty ramp would certainly be appreciated! ….”