Archaeology Magazine & Blogging Archaeology

Just a note to say that William Caraher’s excellent discussion about ‘blogging archaeology‘, which first saw life -natch- as a series of blog posts, is now up on Archaeology Magazine‘s website.

William writes on his own blog:

“Thanks to everyone who helped with the revisions and Mark Rose at the Archaeological Institute of America who provided some nice editorial touches and his web-design who helped its slick appearance.  I hope to be able to provide an update to the article in 9 or 12 months time and continue to track some of the developments in the blogosphere.


It will be interesting to track the way in which certain genres coalesce in the blogosphere over the next several years.  On the one hand, there are clearly certain relatively well-defined and recognizable types of blogs: research blogs, teaching blogs, news blogs, graduate student blogs et c.).  On the other hand, there does seem to be a willingness to experiment with hybrid blogs that bring together teaching and research and present themselves in a conversational style.”

It’s a fantastic piece, and an excellent place to start when you’re interested to know what’s going on in the archaeological blogosphere.