The Virtual Via Flaminia

Looks like the Via Flaminia is getting all virtual…. note that parts of the exhibit are supposed to be uploaded into Second life:

All roads lead to Rome, even virtual ones.
A museum on Tuesday unveiled a virtual reconstruction of one of the bustling arteries that led into ancient Rome, allowing visitors to wander through rebuilt monuments and interact with the city’s political elite.

Using a concept similar to that of online virtual worlds, the project creates characters _ or avatars _ that roam the ancient Via Flaminia, exploring funerary monuments that lined the road, bridges and arches, as well as the villa of Livia, wife of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus.[…]

In addition to its educational and entertainment value, scientists can access the reconstruction and the data to study the area and its monuments, experts said.
«Besides what you see on the movie screen, which is of interest to the public, we have reams of data, scans and maps that are of help to archaeologists and historians,» said Augusto Palombini, an archaeologist who worked on the project.

Forte said the scientific data would be added over the next few months to the project’s Web site, which already hosts a presentation of the reconstruction. A section of Livia’s villa will also be uploaded in the coming weeks on the Internet-based virtual reality community called Second Life, he said.  <full article>

The full goals of the project are stated here.