Open Context

I once was part of a project where I had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose the raw data of others’ areas-of-interest, since they hadn’t published it yet. This was a problem for me, for my own work depended on that data. Did I have to wait until other people’s work was published before I could publish my own? Eric Kansa, of the ‘Digging Digitally‘ blog of the Alexandria Archive recently pointed me to a project that promises to mitigate those sorts of concerns, and it points to a fundamentally new way for archaeologists to make their work … Continue reading Open Context

Open Courseware

┬áJust came across the Open Courseware site, a repository of links relating to a plethora of online course materials – for instance, it led me to a course from MIT on ‘Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education‘. Very nice! Under ‘civilization -> ancient’ are filed the following: Foundations of Western Culture II: Modernism 21L.002-3, Spring 2004 (MIT) Show Details A broad survey of texts, literary, philosophical, and sociological, studied to trace the growth of secular humanism, the loss of a supernatural perspective upon human events, and changing conceptions of individual, social, and communal purpose. Stresses appreciation and analysis … Continue reading Open Courseware

Civilization IV World Builder Manual & other needful things

So perhaps you now have a copy of Civilization IV, and you want to begin scenario building or even a larger scale modification to the game’s mechanics. What do you do? Before you begin, you need to understand how the Worldbuilder works in Civ IV – here’s the manual and a discussion of what’s what – note that you have to add the code ‘chipotle’ to “cheatcode = ” in the Civ IV ini file, to get the full worldbuilder experience. Now. What do you want to model using this game? A particular war? a battle? a long period of … Continue reading Civilization IV World Builder Manual & other needful things