“Burial Passage” – Remixing Catalhoyuk

I’ve finally resolved my graphics issues, and can now float about in Second Life without fear of crashing my poor old computer. I teleported over to Okapi Island to see what I’d missed during the Remixing Catalhoyuk day.  One of the first things I came across was Sebastian Heath’s entry for the remixing contest, ‘Burial Passage’. He writes:

“‘Burial Passage’ intends to immerse users in images related to the excavation of the multiple burials below the NW platform of building 3. You can walk through it in either direction. I sort of like going uphill. The images at the two entrances are bookends. The central image showing excavation mediates between the two surrounding images.” <more>

It’s an interesting approach – as you move through the passage that he has created, you pass through images of the successive layers of the excavation, hung like curtains. It’s strangely tactile… and if you type in the chat box, ‘/1 start excavation’, the panels automatically re-arrange themselves in sequence. So bravo to Sebastian for creating one of the first demonstrations of the potential of SL for archaeological publication!

And of course to the Berkeley Catalhoyuk folks, for providing the data in such a way that remixing it is even possible!


The pic is me – Canadensis Yellowjacket – after having clicked on ‘Burial Passage’, in search of more information. This demonstrates one of the nice things about SL, the ability to pull ‘outside’ information – like the blog posting – into Second Life.