Educational Uses in Second Life

In case you haven’t come across it before, here is a very comprehensive list of the *many* educational uses of Second Life. The page is a Wiki, so check back frequently to see what new projects have emerged!

Educational Uses of Second Life



The unique qualities of a 3D virtual worlds can provide opportunities for rich sensory immersive experiences, authentic contexts and activities for experiential learning, simulation and role-play, modelling of complex scenarios, a platform for data visualisation and opportunities for collaboration and co-creation that can not be easily experienced using other platforms.

Second Life is completely user-generated 3D environment that comes with relatively easy-to-use building and scripting tools that anyone can learn. This makes it an ideal platform for engaging students in creating their own learning activities, experiences and environments, and not just be passive consumers of learning.

About this Resource

PLEASE NOTE: this resource is under development.

This is an overview of some of ways Second Life can be used, and in some cases, has been used for educational purposes. See Further Resources at the bottom of this page for links to more examples and other resources.

We have interpreted the term ‘education’ very liberally, since, like in real life, learning can occur when ‘education’ isn’t deliberately happening. We see all of Second Life itself as a learning environment. Also, many of the projects listed are not educational projects per se… but point to ways that Second Life can be used in education.”