Niagara 1812 – Interactive Arts & Science, Brock University

The class projects from this year’s crop of students in the Interactive Arts & Science program at Brock University are now online… full details here. The theme is ‘Niagara 1812’, when the Niagara peninsula (location of Brock University, no coincidence) was the flashpoint for hostilities between the young American republic and Great Britain. Lundy’s Lane, Queenston Heights: famous battles every Canadian should know!

The projects are very impressive. They come in a variety of flavours – flash, 3d, a mix of text & bird’s-eye battle… the games are aimed at the secondary school level, and each game’s website comes with suggestions for student or teacher use. Well done!

“From November 2006 to April 2007, Brock University students in Professor Kevin Kee’s IASC3F90 course (“Survey of Humanities Computing”, in the Interactive Arts and Science Program) and Professor Vladimir Wojcik’s COSC3F00 course (“Software Development”, in the Department of Computer Science) developed these computer games for elementary and secondary school history education.”

The Treaty of Ghent

Chapters of War

Revenge of Brock