The Audio-Guide 2.0: location-triggered ‘mediascapes’

I read this article in Wired yesterday about the ‘escape from the Tower of London’ game. It features a hand-held computer that enables you to recreate some of the great escapes from the Tower. As you skulk around the grounds, the gps unit in the computer triggers events and decision-trees leading to either your next clue, your escape, or your doom. Sounds like great fun! (article about the development of the game)

Of course, my angle on this was, ‘I bet that’d be really useful archaeologically – especially in helping people see (and enjoy) archaeological landscapes’. So I did a little bit of digging, and have found that the software is freely available for anyone to make their own ‘media-scapes‘ (also teacher guides!). The software was originally designed by Futurelab in the UK. Augemented reality, here we come!

Ah -just a quick edit to say – there’s an online version of the software here and then you can download the mediascape to a number of different devices – full list here. Also check out the list of media-scapes ready for downloading! Here’s a movie of the creation of a game using a media-scape: