Archaeological Projects funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council UK

“The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is the major UK funder of research in the arts and humanities. We actively locate and catalogue AHRC funded projects which have a website. Project webpages vary from extensive data-rich sites through to single pages outlining the proposed research. “

AHRB Centre for Byzantine Cultural History [Full record]

AHRC centre for the evolutionary analysis of cultural behaviour [Full record]

AHRC centre for the study of the domestic interior [Full record]

AHRC research centre for environmental history [Full record]

Anastasian wall project and water supply of Constantinople [Full record]

Ancient Merv project [Full record]

Aphrodisias in late antiquity (ALA) : the late Roman and Byzantine inscriptions [Full record]

Archaeology and performance [Full record]

Beazley archive [Full record]

Brickwork in English building construction 1600-1720 [Full record]

Celtic coin index [Full record]

Celtic inscribed stones : language, location and environment [Full record]

Corpus of Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture (CASSS) [Full record]

Corpus of romanesque sculpture in Britain and Ireland [Full record]

Imagines Italicae [Full record]

International Dunhuang project [Full record]

Kilise Tepe : a rescue excavation in the Göksu Valley, Turkey [Full record]

Laconia rural sites project [Full record]

Lexicon of Greek personal names [Full record]

London’s past online [Full record]

Looking forward to the past : science and heritage [Full record]

Mapping the Medieval urban landscape : Edward I’s new towns of England and Wales [Full record]

Medieval European coinage [Full record]

Northumberland rock art : web access to the Beckensall Archive [Full record]

Oxford Roman economy project [Full record]

Politiko Phorades [Full record]

Prosopography of the Byzantine World [Full record]

Quseir al-Qadim project [Full record]

Roman amphorae : a digital resource [Full record]

Roman provincial coinage online [Full record]

Roman towns in the Tiber valley [Full record]

SACE archaeology museum [Full record]

Silchester Roman City [Full record]

South Cadbury environs project [Full record]

Sphakia survey : Internet edition [Full record]

St Nicholas Chapel, Papa Stronsay, Orkney [Full record]

Stone in archaeology : towards a digital resource [Full record]

Stonehenge riverside project [Full record]

Tell Brak project [Full record]

The ‘Beaver works’ and ‘Beaver in Britain’s past’ projects [Full record]

The Fezzan project : geoarchaeology of the Sahara [Full record]

The first farmers : regional developments and variations in Eastern Scotland [Full record]

The Lopez Viejo project [Full record]

The Makapansgat Middle-Pleistocene project [Full record]

The negotiating Avebury project [Full record]

The Niah cave project [Full record]

The North Somerset Levels project [Full record]

The papyri [Full record]

The Raqqa ancient industry project [Full record]

The tomb of Senneferi at Luxor in Egypt [Full record]

The Whittlewood project : medieval settlements and landscapes in the Whittlewood area [Full record]

Tombs, landscape and society in Southern Madagascar [Full record]

Troodos archaeological survey project [Full record]

UK museums and the semantic web [Full record]

Urban connectivity in Iron-Age and Roman Southern Spain [Full record]

Virtual history and archaeology [Full record]

Vortex: the homepage of Paul Gough [Full record]