Reconstructing Hadrian’s Wall in Second Life

Allan Greaves reports the the details of a project to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall in Second Life:

Second Life is an interactive virtual world in which players create alter-egos (‘avatars’) and interact with one another in real time. Schome is a project initiated by the Open University that aims to explore the potential of the Second Life program for developing informal learning activities that bridge the worlds of school and home (viz. sch-ome). Part of this project involved the creation of a dedicated island for learning activities in a part of the virtual world that is restricted to younger users – Schome Park in the Teen Grid. The University of Liverpool was invited to co-ordinate a series of learning activities in Schome Park on behalf of the National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY). Discussion of the Hadrian’s Wall reconstruction presented here was one of these activities. These activities were non-assessed and generally consisted of in-world meetings convened and overseen by the avatars of the Liverpool co-ordinators, with the support of the dedicated Schome team.