Why Grand Theft Auto Should be Taught in Schools

Came across this today, an interview with my colleague at Brock University, David Hutchinson, whose book Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom has recently come out…

“I recently had a chance to interview Hutchinson about his goals for this project and wanted to share his responses with you. In explaining the value of games for schools, I often say that “nobody is advocating bringing Grand Theft Auto into the classroom” and go on to point to a broader range of other titles which do seem more appropriate for school use. But Hutchinson makes a fairly compelling argument for why schools should be addressing Grand Theft Auto in the comments which follow. His arguments here is consistent with his perspective that just as traditional media literacy involves learning to think critically about mass media, games literacy has to include asking hard questions of this still emerging medium, questions concerning representations, ideology, and of course, commercial motives….” more