Pyla-Koutsopetria: archaeological site in Second Life

Bill Caraher, from the University of North Dakota, reports on his blog The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, about an archaeological build in Second Life, of the Pyla-Koutsopetria site on Cyprus. He writes:

“…The plan, if I understand it, is to build a model of the site so that we can orient students, meet, and have discussions with the student-volunteers prior to actually arriving in Cyprus….”

which strikes me as an excellent use of Second Life for archaeologists. If they have access to broadband while they’re on site, it might also make an excellent public archaeology project – showing the world what they discover while they discover it. Every archaeological project should have some means of public interaction, whether that’s by site visits, public lectures or what have you… move that online, and you can really involve the donors back home too… experiential learning without the cost of the airline ticket! I look forward to seeing what happens with this build.

(from The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World blog)