Archaeoinformatics and Digging Digitally

Archaeoinformatics has posted a number of archived lectures which may be of interest to those who have one foot in the dirt and another in bits&bytes, available here. And if you’re wondering who ‘Archaeoinformatics’ are, they tell us that:, is established as a collaborative organization to design, seek funding for, and direct a set of cyberinfrastructure initiatives for archaeology. seeks to coordinate with and, develop interoperability of its own projects with other relevant data-sharing initiatives. It offers to work with professional organizations and federal agencies to promote policies that will foster the development of cyberinfrastructure for archaeology.

I also draw your attention to ‘Digging Digitally‘, a blog connected with the Society for American Archaeology Digital Data Interest Group. They are organising a session for the 2008 SAA conference in Vancouver that sounds extremely interesting:

If you are developing or using web-based tools or resources for communicating archaeology, or if you have ideas or opinions about this subject, please consider being a presenter or discussant in a “Web 2.0″ session at the next SAA meeting in Vancouver (March 26-30, 2008). Please review the abstract below and contact Sarah Kansa ( if you are interested in participating. This session is co-organized by Sarah Kansa (The Alexandria Archive Institute) and Julian Richards (Archaeology Data Service & Univ. of York). The Alexandria Archive Institute is sponsoring the session by covering the cost of registration fees for presenters.