Indici ai bolli laterizi: digitised someday soon, hopefully?

So the only copy of Steinby’s ‘indici ai bolli laterizi’ in Eastern Canada is at the University of Toronto’s library. Drove down here to get it, some six hours in the car. Then another five hours flipping back and forth, back and forth, slowly trying to identify some blasted brick stamps… what a way to spend a lovely summer’s day.
You haven’t lived, until you’ve catalogued brick stamps.

I recall seeing once or twice that the whole CIL 15.1 was going to be digitised into a searchable database. Whatever happened to that scheme? It’s been several years since the ‘La Brique Antique’ conference at the French Academy in Rome, where Steinby and Kendricks revealed the plan. Of all the various ways computers could make life easier for the suffering classical archaeologist, this’d be top of my list…