Giving a presentation in Second Life

I practiced giving a presentation about second life in real life the other day – that is, I had an audience looking at my computer as I bounced around second life, enthusing about everything that goes on there….

It would’ve been more effective if I hadn’t got my airship stuck on somebody’s castle. On the upside, two people happened by at that time and suggested ways for me to get the darn thing unstuck, which was impressive in its own way.

For tips on how to give effective presentations in second life, the following folks seem handy –

“In the weeks since I’ve done my first two Amazon Web Services presentations in Second Life, I’ve spoken to lots of people about what it is like to do a presentation in Second Life. First off, they are generally amazed that is it possible to do a presentation at all. After I tell them about it, the next thing that they want to know is how to do it, and how to be effective. I thought it would be worthwhile to write up what I’ve learned…” Jeff Barr

” Today at the Webheads hut in Edunation (Second Life), a group of us met up again. Kicking off first upstairs, lounging on the sofas and talking about our experiences in Second Life so far…” webheads in action

“I was trying to explain to some friends the other night about what Second Life is. After fumbling around trying to tell them what it was, I thought it would just be easier to just show them. I made a quick Camtasia Studio screencast to show them what Second Life is…” Betsy Weber

And another post I came across about serious gaming in Second Life