A Tiny Excavation

Sometimes, the story emerges in the gaps… ‘TinyArchaeology‘ is a twitter bot that tweets out episodic glimpses inside a particularly dysfunctional excavation (using both emojis and text). It was built with CheapBotsDoneQuick which uses the generative grammar ‘Tracery‘. Give it a shot. You can use the TinyArchaeology source code to get started. Continue reading A Tiny Excavation

I love the people

I came across this corpus of Trump speeches today. So naturally, I fed it into Karpathy’s RNN. Can a computer write an article? Probably no, not yet. But it certainly can do a Trump speech. Behold: MACPA406-SG:rnn shawngraham$ th sample.lua cv/lm_lstm_epoch18.09_0.9175.t7 -temperature 0.5 -primetext “I’m Donald Trump” I’m Donald Trump. I don’t want to do it. I want to thank you. I have a very sad the guy with the last time his one of the great respect for the Second Amendment. And they were supposed to be because they were saying that we have to do it. And by the … Continue reading I love the people