Dodging Bullets in Presentations

I love the circularity of the internet sometimes. My post on Flypaper got picked up by an automatic blog aggregator, and was put on “Hey Jude” under a posting on ‘The Problem With Powerpoint’. Somebody clicked on that, and wordpress stats told me about it. So I went to the post, and lo! there was this extremely well done powerpoint on ‘Dodging Bullets in Presentations’ by Rowan Manahan. Whether you use Flypaper, Powerpoint, or something else, the lessons here are extremely good. Maybe all conference presenters should view this one before they do their papers…! I know I’ve been guilty by times…

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One thought on “Dodging Bullets in Presentations

  1. And to complete the circle, Graham, hello from me. Glad you liked the piece, it certainly seems to have stirred up some interesting discussion around the ‘sphere. Do drop by my blog where there’s plenty more like it and join the conversation.



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